Eon was created on the Vanilla server Kronos by Venix and the two officers Katabasis and Remarkable shortly after the influx of players on Kronos. All of them are old PvE/PvP veterans from old expansions of World of Warcraft, including Vanilla.

We established our guild with the purpose to create a home for all the new players that want to clear vanilla from the beginning, but still want to be in a serious rading enviorement. As we progress our obvious goal is to catch up to the already established guilds on the server if not exceed them.

Raid times (Server Time)

Sunday: 19:00-23:00

Thursday: 19:00-23:00


Monday: 19:00-23:00


What can you expect from Eon?

A hardcore raid progression guild with the goal to down all the end-bosses as quick as we can manage with the ambition of being on the same spot or ahead the already established guilds on Kronos (both horde and alliance). Despite the fact that we're focused on becoming one of the best of the best PvE Guilds on the server, we're also trying to become the best guild socially and one of the top known names on the server. We're relaxed, competent and intelligent with a really messed up sense of humor and we also want to lay focus on having as much fun as we can while raiding, or else the point of Vanilla-raiding is gone. We also plan on hosting several "Fun" events that involve World PvP etc. If you want to join a serious radining guild but dont want to skip the progression of the early raids, you should definitely consider joining Eon.


What we'll expect from you as a raid-member is the following:

  1. Know your class inside out, not just your role, the whole aspect of it, including what addons to use and what talent specializations to use in each raid-instance, even what gear to use.
  2. Always bring consumables that fortunes your class (food, potions, flask etc) for raids.
  3. No slacking in raids, which means if we wipe, you better get your ass running back to your corpse.
  4. You should be able to handle criticism and change your play-style and your verbal behavior if needed.
  5. Last and probably most important, have fun while you're raiding, relax, drop some hilarious comments, pick on people slacking if it shows on the damagemeter (with a glimse in the eye ofc).


Loot System

To make looting as efficient as possible Our officers will be maintaining a DKP-system. Getting loot/points will depend on your rank in the guild and how well you perform (both inside and outside the raid, for example, always being on time/having consumables etc) We're not only checking up on your DPS but we're valuing how you solve unexpected events when they occur and how active you are overall with things that may not involve your main tasks.



To the left you'll see which classes the guild needs at the moment.

Even if your class is not on the list of classes that's needed, there is always a chance to join anyways if you have a special skill, reputation or knowledge that would benefit the guild with evolving and becoming better. We're looking for dedicated players with experience of their class and with the opportunity to attend most of the raiddays. Knowledge, skill, dedication and overall activity in the game/guild comes before gear while applying. Gear is exchangable the other personal traits and experiences are not.


How do I apply?


To the left theres also a place where you actually sign your application, your application will be read and valued by one of the guilds officers.